July 13, 2024


I competed in the 3rd annual Hayden Triathlon last Saturday.  It was my first time competing in this event, but definitely not my first rodeo. Having competed in more than 125 triathlons in my life, including 9 Ironmans, your venue was one of my favorites.  There is simply something said about the homegrown local races, such as yours.  It was highly organized from the very beginning.  The vibe was great as well--from the novices competing for the very first time to the elite athletes.  I had a great day and met all my goals.  It even included a first--being the first out of the water in my wave start. That has never happened so it was exciting.  I finished 6th in my AG, which is also great.  Your event was truly a first class event and I look forward to having it on my calendar every year.  I think the only issue I could see was parking but that is the nature of the venue/area and the commitment to athlete safety.
Again, thank you for a great event. I will be there Saturday for the Steve Omi open water swim at Saunders.
 - Corey McKenna
I would like to thank all those who participated in putting together a high class and enjoyable Hayden Triathlon on 13 July 2013. I have had the opportunity of completing in several similar events throughout out country and the Hayden Triathlon is the best run event I have ever participated in.

The organization was first class, the safety of participants and spectators were obviously a high priority, and the venue is one of the best there is. Many thanks to the countless volunteers who made this event possible, our outstanding sheriff's department, and most of all the citizens of the city of Hayden who put up with a few hours of inconvenience so our community can be showcased to well! Congratulations and thanks go to the Steve Omi Foundation and all the sponsors who helped to make this possible. I am already looking forward to next year.
-Alan Griffitts